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Sorry for taking so long...I've been busy.

Adam Marchese decided to take a stab...and missed.

The Topic's now worth three points, as we add these two clues:

nob9920.gif (9114 bytes)

These things do have something in common. What, though, is for you to figure out.

As usual, you have 24 hours from post time or the first response...

Good luck!


We had no attempts at the last set of guys are really stumped,
are you?

Well, here's two more clues...see if the helps.

Incidentally, we're now going for two points here.

nob9921.gif (9668 bytes)

Come on here. Look really closely. The answer is there.


We've got a winner! Alison Holbach nailed the last Topic, for two more points.

So what did all those names have in common? Read them out loud. Each one
has two syllables. (I told you that one wasn't going to be easy.)

After all that hard work on Number 3, let's see how you guys do on Number 4:

nob9922.gif (8015 bytes)

Here are the first two for Topic #4. We're playing for five points.

As've got 24 hours from post time...good luck!

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