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Alison tried to make it two-for-two, but fell just short. (I got two replies with the correct answer, but they weren't first. Remember, the first reply in is the one that counts.)

So here are the next two clues for four points:

nob9923.gif (8757 bytes)

As usual, you've got 24 hours OR THE FIRST REPLY, so good luck!


It's a good thing for the Red Team that Adam Marchese got his answer in before Charles Demas did...because Adam had the right answer, PARTS OF THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM.

So let's finish the first half of the Reverse Burst with this:

nob9924.gif (7986 bytes) help at all...anybody want to try it for 5 points?

You've got 24 hours from now...or the first post...whichever comes first...


Is somebody psychic or what? Bruce Hedrick buzzed in first with the correct answer, "Ways To Fix Potatoes".

And that ends the first half of the Reverse Burst, with the Red Team picking up 20 points to go ahead 28-15.

Blue Team, you guys are up next...hang in there!