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We had some good guesses, but they were all wrong.

(Tim Connolly was first in, and guessed wrong.)

So here are the next two clues, along with the previous two:

nob9916.gif (8431 bytes)

ONE and CHASE are the new clues. And this Topic is now worth 4 points.

As before, deadlines are the first answer received, or 24 hours from posting time.


Bruce Hedrick nailed the first Reverse Burst. Fleet, Nations, One, and
Chase are all banks. (Specifically, American banks.)

The correct response was worth 4 points. We'll update the scores at the end
of the round.

Here are the first answers for Topic #2, for five points:

nob9917.gif (7892 bytes)

Hmmm... Ideas?

As before, deadlines are either 24 hours from post time or first response.

Good luck!

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