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OK, the last two were too easy.

Bruce Hedrick nailed the second one for five points. The Topic was "Arenas
Named _____ Center", as in the FleetCenter in Boston and the United Center
in Chicago.

In hindsight, I should've used some more obscure ones for #1... :P

OK gang, this one's gonna make you think. Here's the first two Answers for
Topic 3:

nob9918.gif (7849 bytes)

Hey, my possible future girlfriend's name is Kara...what a co-inky-dink!

Forget my love life...concentrate on the Topic. What is it?

Again, 24 hours or first response, whatever's first...


Wow...a lot of blank faces and no responses...

You need two more clues, huh?


nob9919.gif (8531 bytes)

This thing's getting curiouser and what's the Topic? This one's now worth four points.

More Reverse Burst...