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[Now it's time to play the Reverse-a
We show you the answers first-a
Now it's time to play the Reverse-a
Play...the Reverse-a!]

We have got to get a better jingle...oh well.

Burst Reverse is this! (Huh?)

Oh it's backwards...This is Reverse Burst!

We'll show you answers, and you guess the Topic.

Here's how this works: this message will contain two answers that go with our first Topic. There are five in all.
This is not a combined effort deal--the first answer in from any team member is what goes. If it's right, the team gets five points and gets the first two answers of a new Topic. If it's wrong, I'll give two more answers for the Topic, and take away a point. So, if the team gets the Topic with four clues, it's worth four points.

Each Topic has 10 answers. Revealing all 10 makes the question worthless, and we'll move on.

So...if a team gets all five on the first two clues, they can rack up 25 points--which can swing the game.

Red Team, you are up. Here are the first two Answers:

nob9915.gif (7872 bytes)

What's the Topic?

In Reverse Burst, to keep things moving, deadlines are 24 hours from
posting time or when the first response is received in my in-box.

Posting time will be the time of day (EST) when the post gets to a.t.g-s.

Good luck!

There's more Reverse Burst...