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*not to be confused with the Milton Bradley board game of the same name!


Object: To answer questions in an effort to earn time toward shopping in a full-size mall.

Players: 3 teams of 2.

Theme: Whew! by Alan Thicke.


Round 1: Question Round

The Question Round is played like this. General-knowledge questions are asked, with each team collaborating on an answer. All three teams answer at the same time. Questions are worth varying amounts of money based on how many teams get the correct answer:


First Half Second Half
3 Teams Answer Correctly $10 Each $20 Each
2 Teams Answer Correctly $20 Each $40 Each
1 Team Answers Correctly $40 $80

A Half consists of 10 questions. After two halves, the team with the most money wins the game and receives that much money as a prize. The winning team is also let loose in the mall for the number of seconds (1 second per every two dollars earned, e.g. $450 is worth 225 seconds) that the team has earned. The other teams receive the cash that they had won up to the final question.

Round 2: The "Mall Madness" Round

The Mall Madness Round pits the winning team against the clock. Using the seconds gained in the main game (remember, 1 second per $2), the winning team has to run around the mall collecting as many gift-certificate envelopes as possible. For any envelopes to count, they must be returned to the starting point (where the main game is played) before time expires.

The gift-certificate envelopes conceal prizes and cash values. For the team to win the grand prize, the team must amass more than $5000 in certificate values. (Since there will be some big-ticket items available, this should be easy to reach.) The team gets the aggregate value of all the prizes, but if the total is over $5000, then the team wins an additional $20,000 in cash. BUT: if the team chooses the one envelope worth $0, the bonus game is over and the team forfeits all money earned in the bonus game. Teams can only appear once.


Oh, the things you can think of walking through a shopping mall. This game combines elements of Split Second (the scoring system), Shop Till You Drop (the mall element), Break the Bank '85 (the gift envelope concept, adapted from the bank card concept), and Play The Percentages (the "avoid the 0" bonus game object). This game could work, but must be filmed at small-to-medium-size malls, as large malls would be, well, too big for the format to work.

The idea's actually been churning in my head for a little while, but haven't had the motivation to put fingers to keys and type this thing up. With the right host (sorry, Pat Finn), this game could actually work. It'd be really interesting, to say the least.


3rd, after Outburst and You Don't Know Jack.

(c) 1998 Ryan Bugaj.

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