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Modified 7/29/99.


OBJECT:  Similar to "Name That Tune"; identify song titles by listening to them.


THEME: "Cliffs of Dover" by Eric Johnson.


A round consists of seven questions, each marked by a preset station position on an oversized car radio (like below):

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Correct answers are worth amounts of money that vary from round to round:

Round 1 $100
Round 2 $250
Round 3 $500

NOTE: Each song will play for approximately 30 seconds; if no one guesses the title of the song before time expires, it is revealed and a new song is played.

The player that is leading after 3 rounds wins the game and goes on to the Countdown Round for $20,000.

The Countdown Round features, as before, seven songs which must be identified by title. The contestant has 60 seconds in order to identify all seven songs. If the contestant is successful, then he/she wins the $20,000. Otherwise, he/she receives $100 for each song that is identified.


Often played with friends of mine on long road trips. (I usually won.) The only problem is the issue of paying royalties to the bands in order to use their music, which could seriously hamper efforts to getting this show rolling, but, if that is overcome, then this show's got potential. Could be a good choice for VH-1, which appears to be really getting into the game show business, with My Generation and Rock & Roll Jeopardy!

[Yes, I've bowed to the pressure and changed the theme song. The new one is an instrumental with a kick-ass guitar riff that the local Hartford classic-rock station plays every now and then. Until now, I didn't know the title of the tune. Now I do, and I've made the change. I just have to go out and get the CD now.]

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