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[Want to win fabulous prizes from the comfort of your living room? Then play 'Net Price Is Right with Jay Lewis! Only on VBS and the Netgames network!]

The address is VBS: Now go home.

[And now, back to Round 2 of Net Outburst!]

Hey, we're back! Finally. Anywhoo, we're ready to start Round 2. It's the same as Round 1.

As before, we give one point for each right answer and CY$1,000 for a 10-out-of-10.

Red Team, you're down 7-3, so you've got first crack. Here it is:

nob999.gif (7948 bytes)

No, we haven't stumbled onto the set of 'Net Match Game. We've got ten people, places, and things that contain the word CAT. How many can you come up with?

As usual, you've got three days to reply. That makes the deadline for this round at 11:59:59 PM on Feb. 5.

Good luck!

Here's the result!