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We're back with Net Outburst. Our Blue Team had the Topic "European Cars" to tackle.

Let's see how they did, shall we? How many did they get?

right1.gif (1050 bytes)

Seven! A good score. Here are the seven (indicated by blue backgrounds):

nob994.gif (10230 bytes)

Here's what you guys (and girls) didn't get:

nob995.gif (11227 bytes)

Ah, the little-known ones. It seems they get you every time.

Well, we've got a 7-0 score going into the Red Team's Topic. Here it is:

nob996.gif (8426 bytes)


We've got ten non-primary colors on the board. How many can you get?

Answers are due by 11:59:59 p.m. EST on Sunday, Jan. 24!

Good luck!