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So, how do you play this crazy game, anyway?

It's not hard at all. Here's a list of things you should do beforehand:

Subscribe to either the Netgames mailing list, GS-L, or Updates are always posted to each location.
(To subscribe to the netgames mailing list, either send a request to with "Subscribe netgames" somewhere in the body, or send a similar request to

Watch for an e-mail from me with the header "Call for players". When you see it, e-mail me and say you want to play! (That's all, really!) I'll reply telling you which team you're on, and when the game is scheduled to start.

When the game starts, remember which team you're on. What's required of you is that you send me three (3) possible answers for that category. (Be creative--only I know what's on the list!) Please note the reply deadline that's in the e-mail (always at midnight 3 days after the date of the post), because I won't take replies that are after the deadline. (That's why it's a deadline.)

Then, just have fun!

The rules of the game are as follows:

  1. Each category has 10 Clue Words. The object is to get as many as possible.
  2. Each correct guess is worth one point, with a maximum of five points available per question in Reverse Burst, one point per answer in the Sloppy Seconds (with the leftovers being worth 2 points to the other team), and two points for each correct Shout Burst answer.
  3. High score after the Shout Burst round wins. The winning team receives CY$25 per point it scores (63 points = $1,575).
  4. If any team gets a perfect ten-out-of-ten in any category, that team receives CY$500 along with 5 bonus points, over and above the points that category was worth. (This happened in Game 1.)
  5. The winning team goes on to play the Bonus Burst for a progressive jackpot that starts at CY$25,000. The rules are the same as a standard category, except that only three possibilities are allowed per player. If the team gets all ten, they win the jackpot; otherwise they receive CY$100 per answer.
  6. NEW: After a game is completed (main and bonus), the winning team from each game will play a new team in the next game. In other words, we now have returning champions. They stay on until they either lose a game or win the Bonus Burst.
  7. Team size will vary game-to-game. It won't always be 14-on-14, but the teams will be even.
  8. I don't mind if answers are posted to the lists--but try not to do it. Please? :)

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Then join in today!