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A Ryan Bugaj original.


Object:  Identify famous people, places, and things only by a series of clues.

Players: 3.

Theme: Body Language by Score Productions.


The game consists of two rounds, each lasting 10 questions. In Round 1, questions are worth $50 and are worth $100 in Round 2. A typical question would work like this:

I am a famous actor.
I was in a series of boxing movies.
I fought Mr. T, Dolph Lundgren, and Tommy Morrison.
For $50, guess my name.

Each question has three clues to help the contestants arrive at the correct identity. Oh, by the way, give yourself $50 if you guessed "Sylvester Stallone" (referring to the Rocky series). Contestants are not penalized for wrong guesses.

The player with the highest score after 2 rounds wins the game and plays for the $25,000 in the "Jackpot Dash".

The Jackpot Dash uses the same question format as in the main game, except a time element is involved: to win the money, the contestant must answer 10 questions in 60 seconds in order to win. If the contestant does so, he/she wins $25,000. If not, the contestant receives $100 for every correct response.

Contestants stay on for 5 games or until they are defeated.


This was the first game show concept I came up with--at seven years of age.  The original concept had a jackpot worth many times more than what it is here--I reduced it in order to be a little more realistic (and to assure that the budget director doesn't jump out a window!).

It's also a very simple concept: identify people, places, or things using only 3 clues. Simple games usually do very well, and this one could be no exception.


4th, once You Don't Know Jack, Outburst, and Mall Madness are off the ground.

(c) 1998 Ryan Bugaj.

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